Fasting is basically going without food, but there is Fasting with only Water and Fasting with only Juice and Water. Fasting without even water is not usually recommended.
Fasting is intermittent, meaning you eventually have to eat, but are taking longer pauses between eating.
Fasting is usually done for health reasons, but many fast to get closer to God or their inner self.
Fasting can heal the body better than diet, supplements or medication.
Preparation of the body with high nutrition like lots of green leaves, carrot juice and other high mineral vegetables can prepare the body to clean out toxins.
Moving the bowels before fasting can clear the way for toxins to exit through the bowels.
Some advocate enemas to flush out toxins that move into the intestines during a fast.
A pure Clay, like “Living Clay” at , can absorb the toxins when they enter the intestines and can even cause the body to flush more toxins.
Some people just cut out a meal or 2, waiting longer for Breakfast (to break fast) = 16 hour to 22 hour fast per day.
A short fast of 1 to 3 days will work wonders for the health.
A medium fast of 3 to 5 days should only be tried after preparation, and gives even better health results.
Longer fasts, 5 to 23 days should only be with medical supervision.
Fasting pulls toxins from the cells, so long fasts should only be tried after many short fasts, and after periods in between with lots of green leaves in salads and healthy foods have been used to build the body’s strength.
People that have not been eating a healthy diet can have a healing crisis, which is like a cold or flu, or other pain, so it’s better to eat greens and other raw foods for a while before fasting.

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