Prepare Raw Food

Once you see the health benefits of a raw food diet, you will want to learn how to prepare raw food. Preparing food for the raw food diet is actually easier than cooking. You just use common sense to prepare meals, and maybe use some different kitchen tools.
Some key appliances you may want to use are:

  • Juicers
  • Blender
  • Food Grinder

Using a Juicer
Juicers work different than blenders. Juicers separate the juice from the pulp, while blender mix them together. If you drink Juice with no pulp or solids, you absorb 90% of the nutrition in the stomach and small intestine. If you mix the juice with the solids, it has to go through the full digestive process, and you may only absorb 10% of the nutrition. Juicing is well worth the effort if you are using it for internal healing.
There are several kinds of Juicers available.
Carrot Juice #1: The Norwalk Juicer is probably the oldest and best overall “pressing” juicer. It presses out the most minerals and enzymes out of carrots and most other vegetables and fruits by using a 2-step method: grinding, then pressing through cheesecloth. It breaks up the cell walls better than most others and gets more juice out than most other juicers. It is also more expensive than any others, usually over $2,000 new, but worth it. The Norwalk also can make purees and grind other foods, even if you don’t want to juice them.
Carrot Juice #2: The Champion masticates the carrots and is said to get a little more than 1/2 the minerals and enzymes as the Norwalk, but it is a lot cheaper,usually about $200-$300 new. For juice, the pulp is moister than the Norwalk, so you save more money with the Norwalk in the long run. You can also make purees and grind other foods, and with a mill attachment, you can grind grains.
Carrot Juice (avoid these): There are lots of Centrifugal or Spin Juicers available, some for as little as $200, but they waste most of the juice and don’t pull out the minerals and enzymes. The lower Omega models, and even some very popular name juicers like Jack LaLane are Centrifugal type. We recommend any other type of juicer over centrifugal.
Green Leaf Juice: Most Juicers either can’t juice green leaves, or don’t do it well. The Norwalk does it well.
Some Twin-Gear Juicer models like the Green Star are easier to use than even the Norwalk. Most are available for $400-$500.
Wheatgrass Juice: If you want to juice Wheatgrass, as recommended by Ann Wigmore and the Hippocrates Health Institute, you should get a Wheatgrass Juicer. Some hand-crank models are available for $40-$120. Some good electric models are available for $200-$300.
Using a Blender
You can use a Blender to make smoothies out of fruit and crushed ice, purees, and many healthy raw food diet drinks.
The Norwalk and Champion Juicers can also be used for many blender functions.

You can combine vegetables in the blender for purees that are high in antioxidants and nutrients, which can result in some really healthy vegetable tonics. Using the blender give you the true benefits of raw food quickly.

The Vita-Mix is a super-blender that blends much better than any other blender. It’s over $300 new, but worth it.

Remember, Juice delivers more concentrated healing power, but mixers can deliver more tasty mulched purees and other solids.

Careful washing:

Wash your fruits and vegetables well with water, before you prepare them to eat or drink raw Some fruit wash agents can make your washing more efficient. Make sure that the fruits and vegetables you are about to consume look and smell fresh and clean. Raw fruits and vegetables can be eaten whole, blended or juiced for the raw food diet.

Use whole grains or Sprouts:

Whole grains can be used in a raw food diet and, combined with other raw foods, can give you fiber and essential grains you need to complete your diet. Many schools recommend sprouting the grains before eating them. The early Essene Jewish sect, active at the time of Jesus, claimed that grains were dead or sleeping, and you needed to wake them up to become alive by sprouting them. Jesus himself is said to have taught this also. Read more at on the Essene Gospel of Peace of Jesus Christ Because the raw food diet doesn’t require cooking time, you may enjoy making bread with whole grains or sprouted grains. Essene bread was made of sprouts, and wasn’t really cooked, but was just laid out in the sun on rocks to warm to sunlight.

Soak seeds and legumes

Soaking or sprouting is recommended for grains, and may be necessary for some seeds and legumes to make sure they are soft enough to eat. Seeds and legumes can be eaten raw but are hard, and easier to eat after soaking. If you soak them overnight with water, they are much easier to eat and digest.

De-vein shrimp

Most raw foodists don’t eat raw meat, fish, or other animal products, but, if you do, here is some preparation info.
To eat raw shrimp, wash it thoroughly and de-vein it before eating. Shrimp and salmon are two fishes considered safe to eat raw, so some people incorporated them into a raw fish diet. They are high in Omega Fats, which are good fats that you need for a healthy heart.

Benefits of a Raw Food Diet
As we have stated at
Raw foods contain vital essences that energize our body. Cooked foods & unsprouted grains don’t have these essences.
The results can be miraculous. The body can heal itself of almost any disease with the right nutrients in raw food.
Even people with Cancer, Leukemia, and other Diseases, even with only weeks to live, have recovered completely.
Simply eating raw foods, starting with high mineral foods, like Carrot Juice, Romaine Lettuce and other greens, then progressing to fruits will do it. You can refer to books on many successful methods, using varying specific techniques.
The Hallelujah Diet, the Gerson Cure, the Hoxsey cure, (Tijuana Cancer Clinics), Dr. N.W. Walker’s Juices & Salads – all use the minerals, vitamins, enzymes, & vital essences of raw foods & juices to help the body heal itself from within.
Read books by Dr. Max Gerson, Dr. N.W. Walker, Ann Wigmore, V. Kulvinskas, Edie Mae Hinsburg, and others. Download a Free Book Live Food Juices by Dr. H.E. Kirschner (at Check out articles like
this, watch how 5 Diabetics on raw food for 30 days at all are healed & no longer need Insulin.

Many Prophets and Teachers Fasted and ate Raw Food
Genesis 1:29 tells man "Behold, I have given you every herb yielding seed which is upon the face of the earth and every tree in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for food."
God also grants Adam dominion over fish, birds, cattle, and every creeping thing, but makes no suggestion that the man should eat them. The indication that under ideal circumstances dietary needs would be met without blood and death, even in the animal kingdom, appears again in Isaiah 11: 6-7:
“And the wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid;
and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.
And the cow and the bear shall feed; their young ones shall lie down together;
and the lion shall eat straw like the ox.”

Wild cereal grasses such as einkorn, emmer wheat, and barley are thought to have been gathered by nomads in Northern Palestine as early as 9000 years ago.

In Daniel Chapter 1, "pulse (from the Latin “puls”) specifically refers to legumes such as lentils and beans, but in this instance may simply have been a generic term for vegetable foods of any sort." (from “Bible Foods” at
Jesus Christ / Immanuel Yeshua Messiach was considered by many to be God’s Messenger, after the Old Testament Prophets.
“The Spirit is Willing, but the Flesh is Weak”.
Jesus taught those who were weak to eat raw food and purify the body, so the mind and spirit could then commune more fully with the father by meditation and prayer. See Essene Gospel of Peace of Jesus Christ (translated into old Slavic by Saint Jerome in the 3rd Century, and always venerated by the Eastern Orthodox church, it was preserved in the Benedictine monastery on Mount Cassio and in the archives of the Hapsburgs in Austria)
The Cathars or Albigensiens, in Southern France, called “Good Christians”, ate a vegetarian diet with fish. They claimed they were directly taught by Mary Magdalene what Jesus preached – there were mentioned in the movie “Da Vinci Code”.
When you grow more used to eating raw foods on the raw food diet, you will find ways you can save time, and you will learn and create new recipes for raw foods. The raw food diet not only helps you to lose weight naturally, it also heals you internally.

Whether you believe or not that Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, Moses, Daniel, Buddha, Lao Tsu and other prophets and teachers taught fasting and raw foods, you will find that you feel a lot better when you eat raw food, and many illnesses disappear when you eat a lot of it. – Raw Foods Heal